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Success Story: Madonna University

Success Story: Madonna University

A Triple Play Combination of Natural Gas, Electric and Lighting Solutions Add up to Terrific Energy Savings For This Michigan University.

As a client since 1987, Madonna University has relied on Dillon Energy Services to manage its utilities.

Wanting to take control of its natural gas costs, Madonna University looked to Dillon Energy to provide a benchmark of the University’s energy usage and energy supply costs. Through innovative purchasing strategies, Dillon Energy was able to deliver competitive natural gas pricing. Dillon Energy’s usage and budget reports ensure that energy costs continue to be kept within budget projections

Enrolling in the Electric Customer Choice program has added up to significant savings for Madonna University. Its electric budget was slashed by $58,000 in just 22 months by switching to Dillon Energy Services from their utility.

When lighting in Madonna’s gymnasium needed to be upgraded, Dillon Energy Services retrofitted 32 energy-guzzling metal halide lamps with Alumalight® T5 4-lamp high bay aluminum fixtures. Not only was the lighting significantly improved in the gym for its athletic games, but this investment translated into a 48% wattage reduction resulting in annual energy cost savings of $3,100 in the gym alone.

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Madonna University’s triple play reduces energy and utility costs 3 ways!

• 3-year natural gas savings: 14% or $113,000
• 22-month electric savings: 7.5% or $58,000
• Lighting annual energy savings: 48% or $3,100