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Success Story: A Midwest Heat Treating Plant

Success Story: A Midwest Heat Treating Plant

The success story of this Midwest heat treating plant is just one example of the ways Dillon Energy Services offers solutions for all aspects of business operations.

Since enlisting the services of Dillon Energy to manage all their energy needs, a heat treating plant located in Michigan has realized a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs. That’s money better spent on plant improvements and upgrades.

As a Dillon Energy Services’ client for more than 20 years, this company has benefitted from Dillon Energy’s gas purchasing strategies and utility bill analysis service. In just the last two years, this heat treater has saved more than $44,000 on its natural gas costs alone.

The company’s energy savings on electricity have reached nearly $114,000 – that’s 7% savings in the first year and 10% in the second! Dillon Energy analyzed market conditions and recommended extending the company’s contract for 2 years to take advantage of historically low pricing.

To further reduce energy costs and upgrade its work environment, the company turned to Dillon Energy for a customized turnkey upgrade of more than 120 fixtures in the plant and offices. The new lighting system was tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of this extreme industrial environment. The light levels were more than doubled in some areas of the plant. Estimated energy savings exceed 28% and, after the utility rebate, payback will be just over 3 years.

The environmental impact
is equivalent to:

Removing 11 cars from the road.
Planting more than 1200 trees annually.
Removing 128,000 lbs of carbon dioxide.
Reducing annual kWh by 74,607.

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A Midwest heat treating plant realizes energy & cost savings with Dillon Energy Services
A combination of custom energy management solutions not only reduced this company’s energy costs and usage, but also improved working conditions in this extreme industrial environment.

Two-year average gas savings: 16%
Electric savings: 1st year, 7%
Electric savings: 2nd year, 10%
Lighting annual savings: 28%
Lighting payback: Less than 4 yrs