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Small Commercial Natural Gas - You have a Choice
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Small Commercial

You Have a Choice!

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The principals of Dillon Energy Services have been helping large-volume natural gas customers save money on their purchases for more than 25 years. We are now offering the same energy consulting and management services to businesses using smaller volumes of natural gas.


Michigan’s deregulated natural gas market means you don’t have to buy from the utility – you can buy from us at a competitive rate. If DTE Gas Company or Consumers Energy is your current utility, you can make the switch to Dillon Energy Services, a Michigan licensed alternative gas supplier (AGS), for a competitive rate.

 Lower Cost

We understand small businesses’ needs and will only offer a solution that’s more favorable than what your company is currently paying. Whether you’re looking for a fixed or market-based rate, Dillon Energy Services, as your AGS, will be your energy partner. You can count on us to take the guesswork out of managing your energy needs.

Integrity. Reliability. Security.

Our natural gas experts will work with you to take control of your natural gas costs and risk. You can rely on the Dillon Energy team who are experienced leaders in the natural gas industry. Our pledge is to provide you only with an answer that’s in your company’s best interest.


Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Customer Choice

What is the Natural Gas Customer Choice Program?
  • In Michigan, customers can buy gas from an Alternate Gas Supplier, rather than the utility, at a competitive price and without service interruption.

Am I eligible to switch to Dillon Energy Services?

  • If either DTE Gas Company or Consumers Energy is your current utility, and your account is active and in good standing, you can make the switch to Dillon Energy Services to supply your natural gas. A nominal fee of $10 may be required by your utility for more than one switch within a 12-month period.

What rate plans are available?

  • A fixed plan offers the security of a fixed rate for the term of the contract to protect against risks such as extreme weather or world events, which can cause market volatility and price spikes.
  • A variable plan price changes monthly, based on the market price of gas.
  • We can help you choose a program that is best for your specific needs.

What will my current natural gas utility do when I switch?

  • Deliver your natural gas.
  • Read your meter.
  • Handle any service calls related to delivery, meter issues, and emergencies.
  • Send your monthly bills.

Can I remain on my budget billing plan?

  • Yes, nothing will change about how and when you are billed. You will still receive one monthly bill. The new supplier rate will be listed instead of the GCR (Gas Cost Recovery) utility rate.

Do I have to call my current utility when I enroll with Dillon Energy Services?

  • No. Dillon Energy Services will contact your utility to let them know that you are making the switch to us as your natural gas supplier. There will be no service interruption.

What are the benefits of Gas Customer Choice with Dillon Energy Services?

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Option of fixed rate and variable pricing plans.
  • Personalized service from the experienced Dillon Energy Services team.
  • Enrollment is fast, easy and convenient.

If I have questions, who do I contact?

  • Contact your utility for all billing and maintenance issues. Call Dillon Energy Services for with any questions about the cost of your natural gas.

Contact us about the natural gas rate for your business.

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