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Green Solutions

Green Solutions

Save water. Save money.We provide proven green solutions to reduce your energy use, with quick paybacks and great performance.

Water Conservation: Save 20% or more

Whether you’re a hospital or hotel, school or university, or a business which would like to reduce water consumption of your faucets, showers, toilets, and urinals, we can help.  You’ll save on both water and sewer bills – as well as the energy cost of heating water – while keeping water pressure strong.

Appeal to hotel guests by reducing your carbon footprint. More and more, guests and large groups are choosing to stay in hotels that take steps to go green.Pair our system of energy-efficient lighting, occupancy sensors, and water conservation devices for guest rooms and common areas, with our gas and electric programs for outstanding savings.

Guest Room Energy Management Systems: Save as much as 25-40% without heating or cooling an empty guest room.

Thermostats In hotels and resorts, energy is the second-highest operating expense. It’s also easy to control, while maintaining ambience.

With a programmable thermostat, our guest room energy management system gives the guest control of the temperature while the room is occupied. But when the guest leaves the room, the space automatically drifts to an energy-efficient setback level chosen by you. We provide turnkey installations to help you manage your guest room HVAC costs, from PIR sensor systems, which the guests hardly notice, to keycard systems, if you’d like to invite guests to participate in the energy savings.

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Reduce the Impact on the Earth and Your Wallet