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Gas Savings Calculator

Natural Gas $avings Calculator

Dillon Energy Services customers only:
Calculate your monthly savings with Dillon Energy Services
as your Alternative Gas Supplier

See how much you saved compared to your utility in 3 easy steps:

Just have your most recent gas utility bill and Dillon Energy’s Gas Savings Email handy:
  • Find your gas usage on your utility bill.
  • Get the current GCR (Gas Cost Recovery—utility gas rate) and Dillon Energy Services Gas Rate from your Dillon Energy Services Gas Savings Calculator Email.
  • Enter the numbers in our calculator below. Click the “Calculate Savings” button to see your monthly savings!

Input your utility bill usage and rates in the boxes below:
Your Monthly Gas Usage
GCR (Utility Gas Rate)
Dillon Energy Services Rate
Gas Usage x GCR Utility Gas Rate = Utility Gas Charge
(-) Gas Usage x Dillon Energy Gas Rate = Dillon Energy Services Gas Charge