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Electric Choice - Why Pay More for Your Electricity

Electric Choice

YOU HAVE A CHOICE of electric supplier for your business

  • Click to Read Success StoriesYou don’t have to buy from the utility.
  • Lock in a lower price and see your savings add up.
  • Safeguard your business against rising utility rates.
  • Get the reliability and security of working with an experienced company.

States We Serve
Illinois | Michigan | Ohio | Pennsylvania

What is Electric Customer Choice?

Electric Customer Choice is a program that allows customers to choose an alternate supplier of electricity, instead of the utility. The utility still provides electric distribution and metering services to participants, including management of the infrastructure that delivers the electricity to power their businesses. But the electricity being delivered is coming from the alternate source. Dillon Energy Services offers Electric Customer Choice in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania where the market is deregulated.

Contact Energy Choice Now coalition of businesses for information on raising the cap on electric competition.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Customer Choice

Who is eligible for Electric Customer Choice?
  • All customers with monthly usage over 40,000 kWh or at least $5,000 monthly electricity bills.
  • Commercial and industrial companies, as well as public sector, educational, health care, assisted living, retail, recreational, and hospitality facilities, and more.

What does Dillon Energy Services do for your business?

  • Secures a lower price than what you're currently paying.
  • Insulates your business from the risks of variable rate programs.
  • Provides utility bill analysis, cost-savings analysis, and usage analysis.

What will your current electric utility do?

  • Deliver your electricity. 
  • Read your meter.
  • Handle electric line emergencies.

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Why Pay More for Your Electricity?